It has been said that a good conversion rate is the holy grail of e-commerce. A strong conversion rate requires a lot of testing, not to mention a lot of work, but once attained it will pay numerous dividends for an e-commerce retailer. Displayed information and design elements on the product detail pages of your site are low hanging fruits you should initially pursue when looking to improve conversion rates.

Photos: The product image is undoubtedly the first thing a shopper will see when they land on a product page. Poor quality photos will kill your conversion rates, especially for higher priced items. It is imperative that you not only provide high quality, high resolution photos, but also, in some cases, provide multiple photos of an item from varying angles. Offering photo zoom capabilities is another feature that will enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Clear Call To Action: The goal is to get your customers to buy your products. Don’t make this a challenge. Make your “Add To Cart” button large, bold, and above the fold. Make sure you don’t leave any doubt in the shopper’s mind as to how to buy a specific product. Furthermore, certain colors have proven to be more effective as it pertains to a call to action like this. Shades of blue convey a sense of strength and security, whereas shades of green imply “go” or “proceed”.

Related Products: Providing highly relevant related products on the product detail page will further engage your customers if they don’t like the primary product on that page. Furthermore, depending on the traffic source a product detail page may be the first page shoppers see when they land on your site. By displaying related products you will decrease your bounce rate and subsequently see an increase in your conversion rates.

Details, Details, Details: Although this may seem obvious, many retailers gloss over this and don’t provide adequate product information. Shoppers want details about what they are buying and if they don’t find them, will usually move on to the next retailer before taking the time to ask for more information on a product. However the key is to provide this information in a format that is easy to follow and does not clutter your product detail page.

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are quickly proving to be one of the most helpful tools when looking to boost your conversion rates. This is something that will take time to accumulate, but if you work with the right service provider it should be fairly easy to implement.

Integrating these suggestions into your e-commerce business will certainly provide a good start in increasing your conversion rates. Conversion rate optimization is an on going process that requires an immense amount of effort but will yield incremental improvements over time.

About Us:  ClaraStream is a cloud based application which helps retailers more efficiently upload and manage their e-commerce product data. It offers a faster, more cost effective alternative to standard methods by minimizing and automating many of the processes commonly associated with uploading and managing product data. ClaraStream also gives retailers the ability to consolidate their product data into a single location, allowing for easy updates and synchronization across multiple customer facing platforms.

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