1. You have two or more full time employees managing product information.
When entering new product information or updating existing product information consumes so much time that you have two or more full time employees executing these tasks, it is time to start considering a product information management (PIM) software application. The right PIM solution will significantly reduce the amount of administrative time that is required to upload and update product information.

2. Data resides in numerous systems.
Data residing in multiple systems and locations can create a data management nightmare. It can make simple tasks like updating information or pushing product information out to customer facing platforms even more challenging. A PIM solution will give you the ability to consolidate all of your product data into a single location. Data residing in a single location will allow you to more easily make updates, in addition to pushing product data out to multiple locations.

3. You are selling products on multiple domains and online marketplaces.
When you are selling products on multiple domains or 3rd party marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon traditional methods of managing product information will require you to make multiple updates and create multiple data feeds. A PIM solution will allow you to easily make all of these updates from a single location, thus eliminating an enormous amount of administrative time and effort.

4. You are constantly receiving new product information and updates.
Standard methods of updating product information are inefficient, not to mention time intensive. A PIM software application will eliminate a lot of the inefficiencies associated with updating product information and automate this process.

5. Product data is in multiple formats.
Often times when a retailer is receiving product information from multiple vendors this data will reside in multiple formats. Simple data points like price, sizes, or SKUs will be in varying formats. This creates a scenario where there can be inconsistency in customer facing product information and a greater likelihood of errors. Creating consistent data (otherwise known as data standardization) is imperative for successful product information management. This is a daunting task if approached manually. Again, a PIM software solution will often provide functionality that makes data standardization an easier process. You can read more on data standardization in our post ‘Data Standardization for E-Commerce Product Data.’

About Us: ClaraStream is a cloud based application which helps retailers more efficiently upload and manage their e-commerce product data. It offers a faster, more cost effective alternative to standard methods by minimizing and automating many of the processes commonly associated with uploading and managing product data. ClaraStream also gives retailers the ability to consolidate their product data into a single location, allowing for easy updates and synchronization across multiple customer facing platforms.

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